Friday, 16 January 2015

Halley International Airport

We had the two BAS Twin Otters come through last week. They had been through two weeks before picking up and dropping of the Sledge India science field party to a remote spot roughly a two hour flight away. This involves not only taking the 4 man party out there, but also all the kit including skidoos and it took 5 separate flights to do so.  And so last week they were tasked with picking up the guys and relocating them to another area. This took 4 flights (I think) to get them to Halley, where they stayed for the night, and then a further 4 flights the following day to take them out to their field location.

On my day off last week I was able to accompany Natalie to the ski-way - the groomed “runway” just outside the perimeter where any planes coming through land. They also get refuelled here and if they are stopping over they get tied down in case the weather changes.  I had been out with Natalie and John to the ski-way before, but this time the weather was great and I remembered my camera! I love getting out of the kitchen and seeing these things, as I don’t get to do it every day. And I don’t know anything about planes, but the Twin Otters seem pretty cool to me. 

And lastly, some visitors.

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