Monday, 25 May 2015

Sun Down

Sun Down

A few weeks ago we had our sundown celebrations – on the last day of a 
full sunrise and sunset until August. Luckily we had lovely weather for 
it so we could actually SEE the sun doing its thing. We worked the 
morning and then had the rest of the day for some festivities…though, 
being the chef, having a half day wasn’t really an option.

It was great to be able to spend the day and evening together as a team 
and have a lot of laughs. We have still had ever dwindling light for the 
few weeks since and, of course, the sun won’t pop over the horizon for 
some time to come. The modules have tinted glass so from inside it looks 
like it is pitch black constantly. We have SAD lights in our rooms that 
some people choose to use but they are more like the bright bright sun 
burning in your room and are a bit too much for my retinas!

Anyway, here are a few picks from just before sundown and the day itself. ..

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