Tuesday, 1 December 2015

More Penguins

More Penguins

Last weekend saw an opportunity for some of us to get off base and head to Windy Bay again to see the penguins. It was pretty much a year to the day from our first trip out to Windy last year. It takes somewhere around two and a half hours to get there in the Snow Cat. Tom Clements (our wintering plumber) and I set up the abseil to get us all down to the sea ice. We had pretty good weather for most of the day and it was really warm with temperatures hovering about Р10C. Perhaps the penguins were feeling it as a lot of them were having a good old Sunday afternoon snooze. A lot were sleeping on their bellies, but some will also sleep standing up with their heads tucked around to their wings too. The chicks are mostly getting really big and hanging around in little cr̬ches. They flap their little flippery wings a lot in training for when they have to use them in the water.
Anyway, enough chat – here are some penguin photos again!

Face down for a comfy little snooze

I thought this little guy's markings made him look like a Mexican wrestler.

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