Tuesday, 10 November 2015

!st Plane In!

1st Plane In!

This happened in the last week! The first plane here since March when everybody left! A small Twin Otter flew in from Rothera with 4 “new” people, John, Curly and Kev, and Mark the pilot. They were all here last season so it was wonderful to see fresh yet familiar faces. It was really exciting to spot the plane in the distance and wait for it to land. Not only did it bring people but also a small box of freshies (kindly donated by the kitchen at Rothera – thanks to Lewis and Issy) and also some long awaited post.

This kicks off our summer season. More and more people will be coming in by plane before the ship arrives in late December with most of the new wintering team and a whole host of summer staff.

I have yet to report back on my winter trip that I took a couple of weeks ago now. The problem is sifting through soooo many photos of super cute penguin chicks! It takes time. I will endeavour to sort something out today and post something. So it will be a little out of sequence I’m afraid.

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