Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2nd Module Move

The other night, at about 1am, saw the arrival of another Module. 
What a lovely night to be out and about. This time I watched mostly from on top of our container camp home before walking over for a closer look when the time came.

 The view from the "roof terrace" looking back to the lone Module already here.

Al and Chris up on the roof.

The Modules are lowered right down on their legs, which are then braced together, to be moved. They then get jacked up again once they are here. The vehicles can then drive right underneath to bring the Modules to meet each other, or near enough. 

They are then joined together, and thus sealed, by an adjustable “Slinky” – type outer wall, for want of a better description. Much like the middle of bendy buses.

These two Modules (H1 and H2) house the science offices.

And... a picture of a Piston Bully for good measure :) 

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  1. Incredible pictures Sarah! Those modules look like something out of Star Wars. Love, Nicole xxx