Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A little ski around base.

I went for a little ski around the base the other day. Mainly it was a little ski because it turned out the contrast was just as bad as it looked, so I got a bit fed up and headed in. 

But it gave me a chance to take a few pics of the Modules (and the bridge). Work has progressed since and the bridge is now in place as well as another module on the other side. We are actually expecting the large red module tonight, but I will post about that another time.

This is what the central temporary camp looks like at the moment. The Drewry and the Garage are the two red buildings. The Weatherhaven mess tent more in the foreground and Drewry and Garage beyond. 

We do have a few cool vehicles about here….but I’m not sure this is one of them! Quite funny to be out and about and be overtaken by Ian driving the “Genie” cherry picker. Of course I had to take a photo!

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  1. Not a lot of opportunity for starfish skiing there, eh?