Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Drewry Move

Today our camp doubled in numbers.

The Drewry building, which is the summer accommodation, got dragged all the way here from site 6. This building gets moved a short distance each summer to deal with snow accumulation, but usually only 10 or 20 meters I think. It sits permanently on skis to allow this to happen. All the residents got packed inside to enjoy the slow journey over.
A few of us got up on top of the containers again to see it arriving. 

Rich and Paul got a good view from on top of the Waste Sledge.

  After entering the perimeter it took a wide swing to the side to make sure it could stop in just the right spot. The skis it sits on are less efficient than the ones the Modules sit on, so it takes quite a bit of horsepower to ensure it won’t dig in and stop – hence the six hefty vehicles pulling it. 

It now sits practically right on our doorstep! And it brings our numbers here at 6a to 54. We are now the bigger of the two camps, but hoping our peace and quiet won’t be too violently shattered!

 There are more Module moves coming up this week, weather permitting. 
That doesn't mean I'll be posting about them right away - I think these first 3 posts of 2017 are and anomaly! 

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