Thursday, 23 February 2017

Camp dismantled!

We moved out of the temp camp one day last week and by the end of play on that same day it was nearly all dismantled. Sorry for the not great pics - I was taking them through the window of my new room in the Drewry. The Weatherhaven mess tent, which was set up at the far end, had already been taken down in the morning. At that point I was getting to grips with my new kitchen and trying to make sure people still got their meals on time - so know photos of that I am afraid.

And after all of that, one of the Baslers came through to take a few people home. Their route was first to Novo, with a quick stop at Neumayer on the way to refuel, and then on to Cape Town from there. It was a great day on weather front. The ski-way is not visible from where we are situated at the moment.
The airport transfer was the usual sledges being towed behind skidoos.

The plane coincided with the closing of the science camp at site 6. Ten people had been stationed over there to oversee the last bits of science work there and to pack everything up. That leaves us with twenty people all here at 6a together. The next flight in will be the one taking me out to Rothera,
 from where I'll head home via Punta Arenas.

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