Monday, 27 February 2017

Cosy new digs.

Just a quick post with a few pics of our living area and the kitchen in the Drewry. We're down to our last few days here, should the weather work out. My plane is due in today, though we haven't yet had confirmation of that. The plan was then to fly to Rothera tomorrow. We shall see!
It's very comfortable here though. Cooking for twenty with a small domestic oven has actually been fine. It's very different sharing your work space with other people to whom it is their living space, but it has worked well (I think). We're getting the last bits and pieces sorted to make sure the Drewry isn't a big mess when people are back next summer - cleaning products could freeze and burst and then thaw next year and other such things. Everything will be drained down and winterised before the last people have left.

The News and crossword on the table in the foreground are still a daily staple.

The far wall is where we project any movies or TV programs we watch from the vast media drive we have down here. 

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