Thursday, 23 February 2017

Last days of Temp Camp 6a

We moved out of the 6a temp camp last week and into the Drewry, which is usually the summer extra staff accommodation "building". I managed to get a few pics of the various containers before the camp was taken apart.

The Kitchen - where I was working for most of this season. It worked pretty well and had everything we needed for the past few busy months.

This is the entrance. The door on the direct right takes you outside. The door straight ahead on the left was a little phone booth with the door on the right being another phone booth/tools storage area.
The board hidden by the door on the left is the tag board. We each have a tag with our surname on it so when you leave the camp you move your tag to another location listed on the board. You also use the book by it to sign in and out. This is the same system we use whether you are in the Modules, a temp camp, or now in the Drewry.

The Boot Room. This was the next container down from the Entrance. Obviously you leave your outdoor gear here so it doesn't take snow all the way inside to melt and leave patches of water everywhere (which you then stand in in your socks!). 

Not a good pic I'm afraid. Each bedroom container had a little entrance foyer where you could also leave any gear. I kept my outdoor stuff in here to avoid it getting mixed up in the boot room while it was really busy. It had a separate heater in there so you could get it nice and cosy to dry stuff out. Snow down here is mostly dry and not the wet sleet you get back at home sometimes,so luckily stuff doesn't usually get really soaking.

he Bedroom. Four beds with a wardrobe each. One wardrobe is out of shot to the right of the pic leaving three running down the left hand side with space for a desk by the window. The room had already been boarded up for winter by the time I took this shot so there was usually a slightly better view out of the window. The great thing with these containers is that you could open the windows, which you can't in the Modules or here in the Drewry.
My bunk was the front top one.

This is the main corridor looking up from the mess tent. The kitchen door is right at the edge of the pic on the left - the blue door frame.

These containers were the fridge and freezer for the camp. The mess tent doorway is on the right of the pic.

The uni-sex bathrooms. Toilets at the front, showers to the rear. The "modesty curtain" is swept out of the way. This was used to varying degrees of success!

The dry food store. This was opposite the kitchen, across the corridor. There were two shelves running down the one side, but we had already removed one.

The food container once we'd cleared it out.

The mess Weatherhaven tent. It's already a bit cleared out at this point as quite a few people had left and we had slowly worked our way through a lot of food by this point. 

Even more clear here.

With a lot of prep work done, the final move out of the camp was pretty smooth. We only had to shift out as far as the Drewry, which was only a few meters across from the main entrance. It had been a LOT of work in the run-up though. 

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